Author Topic: HEY! Y U no DGX-230?! Just kidding!! :)  (Read 3475 times)

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HEY! Y U no DGX-230?! Just kidding!! :)
« on: June 13, 2019, 03:09:38 AM »
Man I love this DGX 230. Got it just in a nick of time before Yamaha Discontinued it. Shame. I've tested these keyboard at Sam's Club back in the day and I wanted the combination with the GX 76 that I had. (now gone sadly :() I was thinking for another DGX like 660 but then again, it's the same old A/B  main and kinda hated to keep going back and forth. What Yamaha should've done was to separate it like the Tyros.

Intro/Ending on 1. A and B separated with auto-fills. It would be much easier for me knowingly I'm still on A without accidentally going into B when it's not supposed to and screws up the song that I'm playing. But that's my small complaint. I'm sure I'll be getting an S975 or the Genos which I'm hoping the Genos because I have more freedom how I want to play. 61 key is just too limited for me cause it's kinda small and prefers 2 76 keyboards.

Now to come to my conclusion the reason why I asked about the pan flute because for the first time I've never heard of a Sweet! Pan flute that sounded that good on the DGX 230. So I'm thinking maybe another 76 key but then again, I'm limited to styles for other songs or maybe for my budget go for any DGX keyboards but the Question is. Doesn't any of the DGX support the same files as the Genos or S975 for voices? or YEM? or is it because of the limited files that the DGX can only support that is so small? idk I have to see what comes out for my future playing on the keyboard. If it comes down to the S975 or the Genos? then I'm all set. I'm keeping my fingers crossed cause I need a keyboard for a Lifetime, not to get rid of my Genos for a better like Genos 2 or 3 or anything in particular you know? lol.
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Re: HEY! Y U no DGX-230?! Just kidding!! :)
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2019, 08:54:15 AM »

If you're on a budget and like 76 keys, you might try out the PSR EW410. It has 76 keys and the Sweet! Pan Flute voice that you like so much. It is so inexpensive that you might consider the EW410 as a second keyboard besides a S975 or a Genos.

You might be lucky and get its predecessor, the EW400, at a bargain price  (it is now discontinued, but the odd specimen might still be hiding in the backroom of some obscure music shop), which has practically all the sounds, styles and features of the EW410.


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