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Altering bought Registrations
« on: June 05, 2019, 04:04:32 AM »
Hi Folks,
I have several bought registrations that I am changing to make them set the assignable slider to be the volume control of the style part
At the moment they come on with the slider set to control the keyboard volume
I am using the registration bank and its memory to reset them.
I am not sure if I am actually changing the workings of the actual Registration or whether I am rearranging how the keyboard sees them
for example am I changing the registrations so that if I put them into another T5 keyboard will it also play them as I have altered them to set the slider as the control for the styles of the reg
Can anyone answer this question just for interest
I don't have a second T5 but only used those words to try to ask whether I have created a real change in the actual registration
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