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Midi Vocal Harmony settings
« on: August 07, 2019, 07:29:27 PM »
Hi Everyone, after recording a multi track midi, I use a spare track to record say strings which I will use for the vocal harmoniser to use which I then use the mixer to set the volume to zero so I won,t hear the strings. This enables me to have V Harmony always switched on but I only the vocal harmonies on the parts I have recorded the strings on. I choose the VH I want (eg Male Choir), the balance between harmony and lead vocal, and the track for the VH to use and save them to the midi.
This works great for live gigs but with one problem, if you cue the next song when you are using the TALK setting, it loses the VH settings and reverts to the previous midis VH settings which can be a totally different track, ie one not set for the vocal harmonies to use.
I'm sorry if this not very clear but please feel free to get to try and clarify what I mean.
I'm close to migrating to a Genos or PSR SX900 so I hope I don't get this problem with them. Any help will be greatly appreciated
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