Author Topic: Genos Registration for selecting external VST patch ?  (Read 2437 times)

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Genos Registration for selecting external VST patch ?
« on: May 23, 2019, 08:33:37 AM »
Hi everyone,

I'm currently experimenting with some free VSTi on my Windows 10 Pc.

I tested Dexed (DX7 Vst soft synth) and Oatmeal & Synth1... They can produce interesting fm sounds (at least, very different from the Genos builtin sampled sounds).

I connected my Genos to my Pc via an USB cable, and played some notes from the Genos keybed, the currently selected patch from the currently running VSTi sounded from my PC Sound card without any problem…

But I'm now seeking a more 'integrated' solution :
- I think I can easily 'get' the sound from my PC and send it to the 'AUX IN' port of my Genos via a cable, so I could mix the sound from the VST right inside the Genos (and add some DSP to it ? not really sure on that point, I don't think a DSP can be assigner to the 'AUX' port...)
- The more 'tricky' question is : can I select a VST patch from a Genos Registration ? I would like to be able to choose my VST sound right from the Genos… I think it's possible because, after all, a Registration is basically a 'program change' midi message, with some SysEx …

How can I create such a Registration ? Not from the Genos i guess… I'll probably have to edit a .Reg file from my PC …
But how can I know what midi message I must 'build' ?


Ps: What I would like to achieve is something similar to what 'V3 Sound Yammex' sound module achieved with 'dummy voices' registration …. (please see,44663.0.html for the details.)