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Always With Me, Always With You Style
« on: April 25, 2019, 08:23:19 PM »
Dear All,

I'd like to share with you my recent created style for one of the sentimental pieces ever composed by Joe Satriani.
Please find attached zip file for both the style and mp3 for listening to the style in action.

The style is comprised of the below elements:

- Intro I: hit the CM7 chord and let it go.
- Main A, B, C, D: play in the key of B major. See the full progression below.
- Outro I: hit the CM7 chord and let it go or you can play extra phrases if you like.
- OTS: 1 (R1 GuitarHero, R2 VintageSolo)

Tips to give prior using the style:

- The song's chord progression follows a specific arpeggio pattern that repeats every x bars. So, don't use Fill IN when playing in the middle of a bar. For example, if Main A is 12 bar, use Fill IN after the 12 bar not before. Playing a Fill IN before (let's say at 7) the entire bar will be repeated from the beginning and weird voicing chord will be heard. If you're not familiar with the song, check the bar count in the style home screen.

- Don't forget to turn on the Auto Fill IN. Fill INs may take some time with some people to get used to its timing.

- The timing link between the Fill IN D and Outro I may seem tricky but again you will get used to it.

- Finally, play both the Intro and Outro in CM7 chord. Play the variations in the key of B major.

Chord Progression:


B  E  F#


Bm  Em  F#m x3
G  Em  F#m
G  Em  F#

Your feedback is of utmost importance.

Cheers  ;D

EDIT 1: Please note that Joe Satriani's technique such as the hammering is impossible to apply in a keyboard. So I did my best to make it sounds great.

EDIT 2: It's highly recommended to use pedal for pitch pending not the left joystick. This is because chord shift is fast and you will literally have no time to touch the joystick. I assigned the pending parameter to my pedal.

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