Author Topic: PSR 2000 - New Gospel Worship Style/Beat Request and others Questions  (Read 49 times)

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Hello Everyone,
Thank you for having me in this forum... Looking to learn...
Would like to go ahead and apologize if I'm asking a "out of tune" question...

But, just got a PSR 2000 recently from someone, and been trying to learn how to make use of it the Max.

So 4 Questions

1- I often hear great Gospel and Worship beats, and was wondering how do I get my PSR to produce realistic Style/beat as possible? (any practical videos on it? - cause the ones I tried to do are just WEIRD!)

2- Alternatively, where could I find a repertory of New great Gospel and Worship Style/Beat that would work with the PSR 2000?

3- How do I get the midi port to play out/in through an audio interface like the UR22 Steinberg ?

4- When connected to my Mackie mixer sounds gets out great... but when using same cable connection to a friend's old mixer, sound is severely distorted, and I can't figure out whether it's his mixer, or the keyboard.. (I have a PSR EW-410 that play great sound through that same old mixer - sorry forgot the mixer brand) ... So is there any known issues when connecting the PSR 2000 to "old mixers"? else how to make sure the settings are perfects for every mixers it connects to?

PS: I'm just a self taught and started playing just a year ago... Always loved to learn, but only now I have started. So please, be merciful if you feel I'm too amateur.

Thank you for your patience into answering any or all of these 4 questions.