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Registrations and user voices...
« on: April 06, 2019, 04:36:50 PM »
Hello everyone...

Good thing about how Yamaha recalls styles when registration is selected is that it remembers only the location of the style (unless the style is edited before registration is memorized), actually its location and name of the file. This is great because if style needs to be edited for some reason (effects, sounds, overall mix) at any point in time, all registrations that use that style will recall the new mix recorded in the style, not the state from the time registration is saved. Korg does this, and that makes it very difficult to edit when multiple styles, registrations, or songbook needs to be altered.

Now I am wondering if the same can be used with the right part of the keyboard. My idea is to edit all my sounds in Voice Set (make effects, velocity sensitivity, envelopes, etc) and save that as User Voice. Then I would use that user voice in a registration, or multiple registrations in my case (200 or more because I will make a registration for every song I play).
The idea behind this is to be able to edit only User Voices (15 or 20 of them) if I need to make changes, and not every registration I have. For now I am not able to make registration remember only User Voice position and recall it, but registration recalls the saved state of the sound, unlike what it is doing with the styles.

Does anyone knows whether this is possible?
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