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I have a Tyros 5 at home but just bought a used Yamaha DGX-230 for use at a vacation home. Is there any resource for this machine? I couldn't find any here. I would like to know if one can back up to a usb flash drive with this keyboard.



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Do you have the Owner’s Manual? If not, you can download it from Yamaha’s web site.

The DGX-230/YPG-235 doesn’t have a USB TO DEVICE port, so you can’t plug a USB flash drive into it for saving and loading files.

However, it does have a USB TO HOST port, so you can use a standard USB 2.x cable to connect it to a computer or iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, then you can use Yamaha’s MusicSoft Downloader program (on a Windows computer) or MusicSoft Manager app (on an iPad/iPhone/iPod touch) to save a backup of the keyboard’s memory or load a previously-saved backup into the keyboard’s memory. See pages 82 - 84 of the Owner’s Manual for more information.
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