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Convert a GS file for Yamaha keyboard
« on: January 07, 2019, 03:02:29 PM »
I'd like some comments on my understanding of voices.
There are the General MDI voices and 2 main supersets of these, the XG and the GS. Then there are the voices particular to each instrument: PSRs, Tyros and so on.
I've assumed that for general MIDI distribution one uses a GM or GS voice unless you specify XG or whatever the other manufacturers use (Do Korg, Casio and so on have their own?) However, if making music for yourself you use the most realistic voice regardless of it's source. Generally, the voices sound more realistic the later the model. (Pizzicato strings sounds the same to me whatever the model.) I also assume that it is polite to add the voice names on the Lyric tab, although it isn't always necessary.
When it is necessary is if one has downloaded a file in GS format and you'd quite like your several thousand-quid keyboard to play it with the voices in it and not those of another manufacturer.
happy new year to all.
Henry Millbrook