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Songbook+ Batch Update of Score Information
« on: January 07, 2021, 11:18:18 PM »
Hi, has anyone who uses Songbook+ been able to batch update any of the additional song/score information such as Genre, Artist, Tempo etc without having to do this for each individual song title.

Example: have have just scanned (as PDF) and imported several song scores by The Beatles. I saved the PDF with the song name and this has all been imported into SB+ so I now have a list of titles such as Yellow Submarine , Lady Madonna, Yesterday, etc over 50 titles by The Beatles. I would now like to add the artist name into SB+ so I can sort by artist e.g Beatles, Elvis, Kenny G , etc. Or by also saving genre, I can sort by such.

Unless I am missing something I cant see a way in SB+ to do this unless I edit each and every song title individually, which would take ages. So, is there a way I am missing or, is there a way to extract the relevant data file from SB+ as perhaps a csv file, edit in Excel and then save back into SB+ with the updated file info.

I have put support request into Baum but thought I would also try this forum as well.


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