Author Topic: PSR-S975 MIDI controlled by Roland Fantom G controller  (Read 1359 times)

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PSR-S975 MIDI controlled by Roland Fantom G controller
« on: December 24, 2018, 08:58:15 PM »
Hi. Iím new to the PSR and donít know much about MIDI and controlling multiple keyboards.  I also have a Fantom G8 (88key), and I want to use it as my main keyboard, but still have it control the PSR as an arranger.  I want the PSR to recognize my playing and also recognize the chords on my Fantom, so that as I play the Fantom the PSR will do its magic.  I would like the sustain command sent, but not program changes, as I would change voices on the Fantom independent of the PSR. (Perhaps later I can get more sophisticated.). Right now, I canít get them to talk to each other at all, and I read both manuals and now am even MORE confused.  This doesnít seem very intuitive, and I feel like an idiot. (My setup cable is I have a MIDI cable from Fantom MIDI OUT to PSR MIDI IN).

I realize that there are specific settings that perhaps are unique to the Roland Fantom, but any help on the PSR side would help.  Even better if someone had a Fantom, and could direct me on that side too.  Videos or links are also helpful.

Thanks so much