Author Topic: Problems with multitracks recording in Nuendo (Cubase)  (Read 7493 times)

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Problems with multitracks recording in Nuendo (Cubase)
« on: October 09, 2018, 02:28:57 PM »
Hello everyone. I'm trying to record a song on my PC with Windows 7. The software I use is Nuendo (it is identical to Cubase). I am not able to set the Midi interface in order to record a multitrack style.

I can record only one channel at one time and only on the right hand/part. If I want to record all channel of the style (9 to 16) come out of a terrible mess.

Within the MENU - MIDI - EXTERNAL CONTROLLERS and note that in the lower right hand corner there is written "except for the parts of style".

At the same time I see that many items in the drop-down menu are disabled and belong to the style. So you can not record the tracks of a style?
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