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« on: September 24, 2018, 09:18:49 AM »
Is a Screenshot possible on the PSR?

Switch  off  your  keyboard. Stuck  in  an  USB  stick  in  front  right. Turn  power  on  while  pressing  bass,  organ  and  strings  buttons  same  time. Now  regist  button  feeds  your  USB  stick  with  bmp  screenshots  until  you  switch  off  your keyboard. Press  registration  no.  8  to  shoot  a  photo.   
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Re: Screenshot
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Amazing! How did you discover that, Norman?


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Re: Screenshot
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Hi folks,

that sreen shot feature is also described in "Michael's FAQ 2016" PDF file (numbered "F.152"):

The button names differ depending on the model. In this FAQ post it is described exactly:

F.152. New! How to capture the PSRS-970/Tyros4-5 screen

Instead of sending Sysex from a sequencer to copy the screen, you can start up instrument so that
you can copy the currently displayed screen to a USB each time that you press Registration button 8.

On the Tyros keyboards, starting with the power off, you need to make sure that a USB device
is plugged in, hold down the 3rd and 4th voice buttons from the left on the top row plus the
1st button on the left of the second row
, then turn on the power.

On an S970 this equates to the Strings and Choir & Pad on the top row, and the E.Piano on
the second row.

Once enabled, each time that you press Reg. #8 the screen is copied and you should hear a tinkling
sound to confirm that it has worked. Do not remove the USB until you have finished your screen copying
or you will need to which off and restart the keyboard as above. The function is disabled when you turn
off the power.

The file produced is a Bitmap image '.bmp' and on my T4 is automatically sequentially named CAPT0000,
CAPT0001, CAPT0002 and so on.

Best regards.
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Re: Screenshot
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It works !
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