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Forscore or Songbook+
« on: September 03, 2018, 01:14:48 PM »
I bought Forscore recently before I saw this forum.  I recently looked on Forscore website after reading this forum and it claims Forscore can send midi commands.  (haven't really looked into how that works yet).  Is anyone using Forscore to manipulate registrations? 

Forscore seems to have a number of nice features, but from what I am reading about Songbook+ on this forum, it may be a better alternative for a genos owner(me).

Appreciate any comments,
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Re: Forscore or Songbook+
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2018, 01:43:50 PM »
I suggest the Mobilesheets Pro application.
Placement in the Genos mode automatically receives the information from the registration.
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Re: Forscore or Songbook+
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2018, 02:47:06 PM »
I am not sure but Mobilsheets pro appears to be an android app.  I am using and iPad pro.  (Also this video went way too fast for me and looked extremely complicated, at least that was my first impression).

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Re: Forscore or Songbook+
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2018, 02:52:38 PM »
From what I can tell with some investigation further into Forscore, there is a place where I can put midi commands to be sent when I open a song in Forscore.  But not sure how to set it up and could not get it to work.  I was using Genos access point to connect to iPad(that worked).  But in Forscore I am seeing places which ask for channel(which in Genos is 11) msb and lsb.  Not sure what that is.  Or it looks as if I can put a song number, or a hex code.  All of this is confusing to me and so far everything I have tried does not do anything.  The only thing that shows there is a connection is when I play the Genos, I am hearing the music coming through the iPad speakers.

Any experts out there using ForScore or have knowledge about how to send midi command to Genos??

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Re: Forscore or Songbook+
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2018, 05:19:42 PM »
Re: your first question about SongBook+

I have Genos connected to iPad using wireless Yamaha bluetooth adapter.   SongBook+ is loaded in the iPad and it contains all my PDF's.   Each song/PDF in SongBook+ is linked to a corresponding Genos registration.     I control the Genos registrations from the iPad.   

I only need to select a song/PDF in SongBook+ and it automatically brings up the corresponding registration in Genos.  You can also do it the other way.  Select a Genos registration and bring up the SongBook+ PDF.         I do not even need to use the Genos playlist feature because i create my playlists using SongBook+ and control the entire gig from the iPad.  Everything wireless, no physical cable between iPad and Genos.   

I am not familiar with the other apps mentioned in this thread. If people are using those other apps, they are most likely very good.  So, i cannot tell you about the other apps.  But what i can tell you is that SongBook+ is a great application with many features and that works great for my situation.

Hope this help.


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