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Chords shown in "Score"
« on: August 16, 2018, 03:56:56 PM »
Hi Folks
I have set a registration bank on my Genos for a song and am also using a midi file.   The song on the midi file is in the key of "F" but part way through, transpose was used to raise the key to F sharp.   Immediately after the transpose point the chords shown on the "score" are in the key of F sharp but when the screen changes to the next page the chord symbols shown revert to the original key of F.   The midi file was originally used on Tyros 4 and this was exactly as it used to be on the Tyros and I can cope with this.

On another registration (used together with a midi file) the chords shown after the transpose point all show as a semi-tone higher.

I do not read music but the chords shown are a good prompt when playing and I wondered whether it is possible to have the chords shown in the score all in the original key despite a transpose being used?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards