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New Article - SysEx for T5 Voices
« on: August 07, 2018, 08:18:10 PM »
Thanks to Tetis (Andrey Gusev) for a lengthy and detailed exposition on how one can use SysEx messages to control Tyros5 voices from a DAW such as SONAR.  If you are at all interested in MIDI or DAWs, you will find his article interesting.  It is in the Music > Articles section: "SysEx for T5 Voices in DAW"
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Re: New Article - SysEx for T5 Voices
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This is an interesting article.

The Sx70, Sx75 and Genos keyboards can save custom effect parameters in registrations and OTS settings. The Tyros and older boards can't do this. In fact, the newer boards do it by adding SysEx messages to the registration files in the same way that this article describes.

It would be *really* nice if the registration manager utility had the option to add these effect parameter messages into a registration file ...