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Midi programming misstakes
« on: June 24, 2018, 03:05:30 PM »
Have some things that I want you to look at and correct in Genos.

Have run some midifiles and it seems like the sync with the text lagging behind, think there are more people who have noticed this, should be looked up.
I found out that when the text is over the screen, the continuation of the text will not appear until it's too late,
and if you do not know the text, then it's over when you do not see what's coming, not so good.

Multi-mode in Midipart, it's the one who's hard at the moment. that you have to look fore the file so many times when you want to change something.
When you press Multi mode, the loaded file will lose and you'll find it again, similarly when you exit Multi mode. It's not so in Tyros.
Heaven's hard way to keep on doing that, mass of unnecessarily screen poking.
First to Menu then Menu 2 then Song Record Then Multi-Mode then Blank Box In Display Then Usb1 then P3 then folder Mid-File then folder My Midifile then my File Midifile = 10 poking Each Time To Upload The File Instead Of Ensuring The Mid-program Opens The File Just like in Tyros, there will be "only 4 poking" to start editing.
In the Style section, you have managed to retain the file to edit directly.

I do not know where to post this to Yamaha so they can fix this for the next update.

Greetings Pierre
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