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Bluetooth connection to Amp
« on: June 24, 2018, 06:24:19 PM »
My S950 is located across the room from my stereo amp. I wonder if anyone has used Bluetooth for a wireless connection of keyboard to stereo amp.  Wiring is not practical due to carpeting and appearance. 
My S950 would need a stereo Bluetooth transmitter and my amp would need a stereo bluetooth receiver.
I would like to find a source for the equipment unless I learn that the idea is a "bad" one.

It now appears that this is indeed a "bad idea."  Researching Bluetooth online, I find that a latency (delay) of 40 Ms is normal for bluetooth connection, making it unacceptable for "live performance."  Makes sense.  Who wants to press a key and wait for the amp to "hear" it play? There are "low-latency" systems advertised but I think any delay at all would be unacceptable. I'm leaving this post  up just for information.
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