Author Topic: Genos Voice distorting when playing two voices thru Cubase 8 Pro  (Read 637 times)

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Didn't know where to put this as the voice only distorts when playing thru Cubase.
Just got my Genos yesterday and since I use Cubase often I wanted to make sure they worked together well.
From the Home screen I have Active Bass Finger playing in the Left Part and CFX Concert Grand playing in Right 1 Part.   
I didn't want to have to stretch to play an octave down on the Bass (playing F0) so I went into Voice Settings and changed the Octave from 0 to -1.
Without using Cubase it sounds fine....     
However, if I go into Cubase and try to Record with those settings, the bass sounds distorted...
My first thought was that I had to turn Local Control off....
However, the Right 1 CFX Concert Grand sounded just fine.....
So I went back and changed the Octave back to 0 and re-recorded playing the bass part an octave down (@F0)  and there was no distortion.   
Any other Cubase or other DAW users out there?
Any thoughts?

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Re: Genos Voice distorting when playing two voices thru Cubase 8 Pro
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2018, 04:20:18 AM »
I use Logic Pro, but I'm sure Cubase acts the same way.. Look at an event list editor, You will most likely find a bunch of CC events, and sysex.. 

There are two avenues to check out.. When you are playing the Genos, the Left, Right 1,2,3 are set on the 'front panel'..

Normally when the tracks come back from your DAW they are assigned to MIDI channels, which are SONG channels on the Genos. 

If you go to Genos MIDI page, you can assign the income MIDI channels to whatever you want.  Genos sends the left hand to MIDI channel 2.  Right 1 = MIDI 1, Right 2 = MIDI 3, and Right 3 = MIDI 4.. 

So  on Genos MIDI 2 page. Try setting Channel one Right 1, that way your Genos will think you played it again.. Chances are the SONG channel (8 slider with window display) the Song is set louder than the RIGHT 1 slider.  You can read the value.. there. 

Cubase is going to play it back at the MIDI CC 7 volume level (also check MIDI CC11 expression)..  I often alter these in my DAW for optimum level without distortion for best signal to noise ratio. 

Genos will work well with any DAW!  Look at the Genos MIDI pages, and you will see a number of parameters you can tinker with.. I record Genos MIDI into Logic, and then use Logic to play the Genos again. I record each track independently for total control of things.  You can also just send what Cubase sends directly back to their style counterparts in the MIDI receive page of Genos, and it should sound exactly the same.  CC events are exactly the same.

Sysex commands are in a kind of machine code, so there is an 'address' at the beginning. These do a lot of different things, like set up  DSP's, their values, what channel they are assigned to etc.  I've never got into that too much.  Mike Besedem (here at PSR tutorial) knows more about that and there are some windows programs which let you play with certain aspects. (too complex for me to figure).. 

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Re: Genos Voice distorting when playing two voices thru Cubase 8 Pro
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2018, 03:17:16 AM »
Hi Mark,
Thanks for the reply.
I found out what my problem was....
Two ports got named when I connected the Genos via USB to my computer.
When I switched to the other new port.... the problem went away....
But i will keep your information close at hand if i run into any other MIDI/Cubase problems.
Again, many thanks.