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Re: GNS MS01 System for Genos
« Reply #50 on: May 17, 2019, 04:37:50 PM »
Incredible set of speakers, but 3 times as expensive as the GNS-MS1. And you canít fit them on the genos..

For that kind of money, you could buy even better sound, like the Adam A5x or the Eve CS205 and the The Hedd type 05.

Compared to the GNS MS1, these are all nearfield monitors, aimed to sound as clean as possible. Where the GNS are build to sound as good as possible in a living room..

My point, use nearfield monitors when you want to do some professional recordings from your DAW.. use the GNS speakers when you just want to play and enjoy the Genos in your living room?
yes totally agree with you there Bachus...I thought as the ilouds are talked about here this New iloud MTM may of been of interest as they are extraordinary in what they can do for there size... I do have the original iloud's at work with me and they are good for what they are and the New iloud MTM are intriguing but if room permits then a larger quality studio monitor or a very good HIFI system I'm sure will surprise any one wanting to achieve a greater sound reproduction from Genos which it would benefit greatly and surely deserves... I'm running at home my keys though some Munro Sonic Egg 150 mk2 monitors at the end of my setup and hope to demo Genos soon with these which I'm looking forward to hearing... P.s. just slightly a side to this topic if any one is looking for a PA system then do seek out and demo the New yamaha DZR systems very good indeed.
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Re: GNS MS01 System for Genos
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Dear all

Some time ago I described a problem with my Genos speakers (GNS-MS1). I could almost not not get them to make any sound...

I received several kind suggestions. But none of them worked. So it had to be a hardware problem.

Today I got a brand new cable to connect the subwoofer to the keyboard. That solved the problem!

However this poor and strange cable is not fit to be used with a quality keyboard like the Genos. So easy to damage ...

Kind regards

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Re: GNS MS01 System for Genos
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I agree, Torben. Lousy cables, and that 8 pin socket is fragile. I remember reading that someone had changed it to audio plugs instead. I am considering doing this (not myself!) on my Tyros sub, but I must have it done in a workshop, and that may be expensive. Good that the problem is solced for you!
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