Author Topic: Help installing a previously purchased cps sound pack (Yamaha PS30)  (Read 1432 times)

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Hi everyone
A few years ago I purchased the virtual Yamaha PS30 sound pack. It was produced by a company called in Japan I believe. Unfortunately they appear to have closed down their website.  However the pack I purchased through Yamaha's expansion pack store some time before they 'revamped' it.
I've reinstalled YEM on a new machine and I am trying to import the pack (cpf file). However it asks me for a username and password to authenticate it. I've tried my login for the Yamaha Expansion pack site, but that doesn't seem to work - so assume I bought it via a different id/password.  I don't know what the old login was, so a bit stuck now as I cannot import the pack.
Any ideas anyone?  Or should I abandon all hope!  I don't think Yamaha offer this pack anymore on their website. I can the packs I originally obtained from the USA site (under orders), but the European website has changed a lot and there's no record anymore of purchases.



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Re: Help installing a previously purchased cps sound pack (Yamaha PS30)
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It seems when they made the packs free we can now only load those in. They seem to have stopped us loading in old packs that were CPF files. PPF files still seem to load OK because they were not protected in the same way.