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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to remap a style to a custom drum set using the "drum edit" function in MixMaster but I'm not able to select a custom lsb/msb (only preset ones are available). Is there a way to create a customize drumkitvoicefile for a custom drums on a different lsb/msb? If not, what is the fastest way to remap drum tracks to another lsb/msb? Also, the keys need to remapped.

Thanks all!

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Re: MixMaster Drum Edit to use Sample Drums instead of Pre-set
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The way I do it is to first create a Voice list for MixMaster.  If you are using a expansion pack then you can generate a MixMaster Voice list by using the utility YEM Content Explorer and add it to your current instrument list for MixMaster.

Then you will be able to select your custom drum kit from the Voice View.  If the drum note mapping is not the same as the Preset drum kit then you will have to experiment and edit the drum notes.

You may find this easier to do by using StyleMagic because it also has a Drum Editor that works a little differently.  You can also create a custom expansion pack Voice List for you drum kit using the YEM Content Explorer software as well.,43547.msg344073.html#msg344073

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