Author Topic: Strange operation - Incorrect patch name with the use of Cubase in a new song  (Read 1825 times)

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Goodmorning everyone. I use Cubase to create and edit my new songs. I'm having a problem. I created a midi track and assigned it to channel 1. Then I created the LSB, MSB, and Patch name, (Grand Piano). When I start playing, obviously from Cubase, on the Genos display, in the Right 1 part the Crying Lead sound appears. If instead I load the track from USB, the Grand Piano sound works perfectly. What am I doing wrong? Thanks to everyone who will give me a suggestion.

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You say "I created the LSB, MSB, and Patch name." Did you include the Program Change as well? I apologize if that's "understood," but you didn't specifically say so and it's good to be sure.

Also, how are your MIDI Receive settings configured on the Genos? Is there any filtering of message types going on, etc.?
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