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New Expansion Pack for S950 S750 A2000
« on: April 26, 2018, 09:29:07 PM »
The latest version available for download:

Szczepan Pack v200 for the Yamaha Psr S950, S750 and A2000 series

Pack has been modified / created so that it was 100% compatible with the original but gave enough to install it ☺

All of your files purchased in Midi24 or Camaro24 (Poland Stores)  as well as the standard installed in the instrument will play exactly the same as on the factory Euro Dance Pack. However, there is a very important equation ... This difference is a new drum kit for My Dance music by SH Drum (there were different versions, the current latest version is v3) so that your styles and arrangements will play just as well as on the new flagship. In addition, lead and bass sounds have been added.

In previous versions of Szczepan Pack (eg v180), the Dance Power Kit from Euro Dance Pack was completely removed and replaced with SH Drum v2. However, after analyzing and limiting the factory styles as well as after analyzing what we gained and what we lost, it turned out that after removing Dance Power Kit we did not regain valuable mebagajtσw, which we could use for other things, which is why from version 200 are available

Drum kits:
• SH Drum v3
• Dub Step Kit
• Dance Power Kit


Additional Voices:
• SH nLead
• SH DJ Fantasy
• SH Synth Bass
• SH High Key
• SH Lead 4
• SH Lel Lead
• SH Buzz Bass
• SH Phase Lead
• SH Rave Lead
• SH Acu Bass
• SH Square Bass
• Octa
• SH Lead3

All new and old sounds are available for MIDI.
The new versions will certainly have more sounds because the pack takes 52MB of 64MB available. Also the sounds from this version will be tuned.

Installing the float
The installation process of Szczepan Pack is exactly the same as the installation of each other. However, due to the fact that Yamaha did not provide any official tools for creating the instrument extensions, several different tools available on the web were used to create the extension, additional information appears during the installation of the extension: Some Files Failed to be Installed

After many tests, it turned out that the above message appears when the volume was changed during editing of new sounds or the drum kit. The message is not valid, because after the installation of Pack, no files are missing.

After pressing OK, the correct information already appears

Thanks to reverse engineering and software developers, we managed to do what the manufacturer did not give users.
Additional information:

The list of sounds contains information about the version of Szczepan Pack and who is assigned the extension -

For a time, the extension will be available for free to everyone, but after some time I would like to sell it. After purchasing Pack, each new version will be free, so you will never stay with the old package. My work means several months of trial and error investigation to the final effect.

ps. thanks to fellow forum members who helped :))))

ps2. will try to put videos on youtube that will show how it all sounds :)

greetings from Poland ;)

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Re: New Expansion Pack for S950 S750 A2000
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i try the site but it says site not found

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Re: New Expansion Pack for S950 S750 A2000
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Same experience, "File not found".
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