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« on: April 23, 2018, 06:01:03 AM »
Do you think that the S670 will have his upgrade to S675 ? I will buy one if it has USB to HOST Audio...
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Re: PSR-S675
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Hi. Nothing is known yet, not even a slight rumor  about it.   Hans

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Re: PSR-S675
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Re: PSR-S675
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It's fake?

Most likely it is fake.  That guy does that sort of thing all the time.  I think he some how makes money when people view his videos.

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Re: PSR-S675
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Well, it's certainly suspicious that we never see anyone actually playing it, just some panning of still images that could have been edited to change the PSR-S670 model name to PSR-S675.

But it's not unlike Yamaha to bring different models out at different times. The PSR-S7xx and PSR-S9xx do tend to be announced and released together, since they even share the same manuals. But if I remember correctly the PSR-S670 was unveiled before the PSR-S770 and PSR-S970, which had us wondering when-- or if-- they would be coming out, and whether they would also have the Live Control knobs. So it would be "turn about is fair play" for the PSR-S675 to come out after the PSR-S775 and PSR-S975.

As for for whether it's real or fraud, there are far too many fraudulent videos being made, so we tend to disbelieve any video that claims to show a new model that Yamaha hasn't announced yet-- except every so often Yamaha does announce that model. That's why these types of videos are so frustrating-- one never knows whether or not to believe them.
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Re: PSR-S675
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I have seen this video, but yes, it's certainly fake...
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