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Connecting Mobile Sheets Pro to PSR S950
« on: April 18, 2018, 07:56:18 AM »
To all the smart ones on this forum: "How do I connect Mobile Sheets Pro to my 950?" This is what I did so far: (with help from the Mobile Sheets forum and You tube)
 1. Connected my tablet to a USB to Midi converter.
 2. Plugged into Midi in and out on the keyboard
 3. Opened MS pro settings, selected Midi settings - Midi Channel 1 - Midi device: Generic
Now it asks for Midi Action and there is where I have to chose from Patch Select, Control Change, Program Change and I have no idea what that means. On Patch select you have a choice of MSB, LSB and Value. All the others you have to put a number in.

Mobile sheets manual does not give any instructions. I have tried all parameters and selected the song to load on command.

On the 950 I have selected "All Parts" and channel 1 USB1, where all my registrations are. My songs are numbered 001, 002, 003 etc on both the tablet and keyboard registrations.

My goal is to select a song from the tablet and have the registration pop up on the keyboard.

Your help is very much appreciated. Thank You!

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Re: Connecting Mobile Sheets Pro to PSR S950
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2018, 11:25:01 PM »
You can load registrations from Mobilesheets using the following directions fronm Mobilesheets forum:

I have successfully done it on the Tyros.

Selecting a song in Mobilesheets and have Tyros automatically load the related registration is actually not so difficult to accomplish using the MIDI capabilites of MS Pro and Tyros.
First some background information
An issue to overcome is that, while Tyros stores registrations as named files in folders on its internal drive,  MIDI is only able to send out numbers between 1 and 128, not filenames.
The solution here is to have Tyros, from the folder it is currently using for it's registrations,  load the registration file with a sequence number, based on the received MIDI number. So sending x from MS Pro, should mean that the x'th registration file in the Tyros folder is loaded. But there are a few small catches (read on)
A first catch is that not all MIDI systems are equal. Some are zero based (use numbers from 0=>127) others are 1 based (use numbers from 1=>128). When having the two communicate, you have to take that into account.
In practice here, it means that sending number x from MS Pro will actually cause the 'x + 1' 'th registration file in the Tyros folder to be loaded. So sending a 3 from MS Pro, will cause Tyros to load the 4th file in the folder. Sending a 0 will load the first file in the folder.
A second catch, is that when I am talking about the 4th file in  the folder, it means the 4th file, sorted alphabetically. So in order to preserve correct order we need to have the registration file names on Tyros start by a number. This will assure that the correct file is always loaded using MIDI.
Example for registration file naming on Tyros.
            000Song x
            001Song y
Starting the file name numbering with zero, will make it a little easier to remember what number to configure in MS Pro. So sending 0 will load file one, which is named 000Songx. Sending a 2 will load file 3 which is named 002Songz.. . .
Now in practice :
In Mobilesheets Pro
One time setup:
- In settings, choose MIDI channel 1 to use in the communication. (It's MS Pro's default, so normally you would not even need to change it)
To be performed for every song you want the registration to load on Tyros:
- In the song settings (edit screen/MIDI tab), add a 'Patch select' with following parameters
            - MSB : I do not use it
            - LSB : The number x to be sent to Tyros. Remember file x+1 will be loaded.
            - PC (Program Change): Can be used to activate a registration memory button on Tyros. 0 will activate button 1. sending 7 will activate
               button 8
            - Choose "Send on Load"
            Save the song settings.
On Tyros
One time setup:
-On Tyros there is a predefinied MIDI setting which can be used.
So go to MIDI settings on Tyros, and select the predefined setting 'All Parts'.
This predefined setting is set to receive the commands we need on MIDI port B, so you will need to connect your (USB to) MIDI cable to MIDI B on the Tyros and of course also to your tablet.
To be performed for every song you want the registration to be loaded by MS Pro:
- Save your registration on Tyros according to the above suggestions, and make sure they are in a Folder on Tyros, where all registration files start with the suggested sequence number.
To test the setup.
- Make sure the MIDI cable is connected to both tablet and Tyros.
- Load MS Pro.
When the midi cable is correctly connected, you should receive a message when loading MS Pro, asking if you want MS Pro to use the USB connection. Press OK.
If you do not get this message, the cable is probably not connected as it should.
Now make sure that Tyros currently has a registration loaded from the folder from which you want to load registrations through MIDI. If not, on Tyros go to the correct folder, load any registration there (does not matter which - it is just to point Tyros to the right folder).
Now load a song in MSPro, and the related registration should be loaded on Tyros. Even with the correct button activated.

Yamaha is limited to 500 files per folder.
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Re: Connecting Mobile Sheets Pro to PSR S950
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2018, 02:21:41 AM »
Muddy and Jerryghr: Thank you so much for your replies and helping me setting up the connection between MobileSheets and the 950. I'll be working on this today and  tomorrow and thanks to both of your instructions I'm sure I will succeed.

 :D :D
Best Regards,


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Re: Connecting Mobile Sheets Pro to PSR S950
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2018, 04:08:00 AM »
Just to let you know that thanks to your instructions (and zip file) I was able to show the pdf lead sheet when selecting a registration.

Again, I'm grateful. So much easier to select and keep on playing with less down time.