Author Topic: Can you change the octave of a midi file voice on the fly during playback ?  (Read 589 times)

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Hello Everybody,
I use a lot of Yamaha Soft's midi files  (they are really well made) as background muting the melody  in the midi file  and singing or playing the melody myself. (I guess you could call that Karaoke )   Switching   voices "on the fly" in channels during play back of the midi file is easy, for instance if the acoustics of the place  are such that a certain base voice  turns out  not to be optimal.  No problem as long as the new voice is  correct in the same octave.

But it seems even if I switch to a user voice  - often a a Jazz vocal - that has been programmed  to be in a lower octave, the midi file will always disregard this,  which is a problem if you for instance want to change the string voice in the midi file to a vocal  scat voice which must be one octave lower to sound right.  I can off course change the octave of the melody my right hand plays using  dedicated  up down buttons and the Vocal harmony will always be correct.

                       is it possible to change the octave of a midi file voice during playback

What I have done to overcome this is  to copy the voice to another channel and set that channel to a different octave in Midifile Optimzer 8 in which case you can change voices on the fly and get  the right octave having the low octave on one channel and  high octave of the same part on another channel and  using the sliders to choose which channel has volume and which not.

Of course the melody you play yourself will come in the right octave when you switch to a new user voice  that was given the right octave.  I am only referring to voices from a midi file.

Please advise.


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