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Audio Phraser: Feedback for Yamaha
« on: April 15, 2018, 03:00:19 AM »
Hi --

I'm trying to create an audio style from scratch using waveform files that are all (essentially) the same length (100BPM, 2.4 seconds per measure).

Here's some issues that I've encountered.

1. Audio Phraser turns on the metronome click whenever it wants to. It ignores the state of the "Click" check box. In fact, it will even gray out the "Click" check box making it impossible to turn off that ^&^%^%$ click. The only work-around is to exit Audio Phraser and launch the application, again.

2. Even though all of the audio WAV files are almost exactly 2.4 seconds long, one of the files doesn't seem to import correctly and the yellow shading covers only a few beats in the waveform display. Clicking the Play button brings up the error message "stretch ratio error!" The audio style tempo is set to 100 BPM, so no stretching should be required!

3. Importing a different WAV file (almost 2.4 seconds duration) brings up the error message "Internal Error #0096". Then, an error dialog box saying "The import operation has been canceled."

-- pj

Update WRT item #3: I lengthened the audio file to almost exactly 2.4 seconds by adding 0.033 seconds of silence. The lengthened file loaded correctly.
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Re: Audio Phraser: Feedback for Yamaha
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... to turn off that ^&^%^%$ click....

LOL  ;D ;D ;D
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