Author Topic: Trying to use my PSR 2000 as a Midi Keyboard/controller for Logic Pro X - HELP!!  (Read 11502 times)

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So - I've literally looked all over the web...watched many videos, and so far - nothing...nadda...

I've got a USB MIDI adapter cable (the one with silver cording and the black plastic enclosure) - I've downloaded the drivers to my MacBook Pro, and "ran the driver install"

But, no matter what I do, I can't get Logic to see the key inputs....on the PSR 2000 in the Function Menu, Under MIDI, it has All Parts On..

Does anyone have any idea or have a direction they can point me?

I will most likely post this in another, more general forum...

Thanks to whoever may be able to help and keep on rockin'!!

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Yes, select Keyboard and Style in the midi section and it should work.

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