Author Topic: How to add nature sounds from cds that i have to use as background on genos  (Read 2204 times)

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How to add nature sounds  from CD's that i have  to use as background on genos so i can have rain ,wind or any thing as i play song on keyboard thanks Kim

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Rip the sounds to MP3 format and copy the MP3's to the User or save them on a USB.
Load an MP3 as Song (audio) or use them to make Audio Multi Pads.

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Or, as a complex approach, you can download samples from internet in wav format and use YEM to create a custom voice (as  SFX group) with noise, nature sounds, and so on. Also, in this condition, you can assign a noise to multiple notes and let keyboard tune automatically when you change the key, or you can fix the tune in YEM and every key you press will have the same pitch.

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