Author Topic: Hookup from Tyros 4 to MacBook Air  (Read 2864 times)

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Hookup from Tyros 4 to MacBook Air
« on: February 03, 2018, 07:51:08 AM »
Hello from Canada;
    I haven't posted  for awhile, but I've been reading the Forum  regularly. Hope this topic  hasn't been answered before.

I had to get a brand new MacBook because my old one just ran out of gas. On the old MacBook, there were 2 mini-jacks..... one for headphones, and one for audio IN. To record from the T4, all I did was hook a cable from the headphone jack on the T4, into the audio IN jack, and record it with "Garageband"

The new MacBook Air  has only a headphone jack, (NO audio in), and on going to YouTube, I see that it's recommended to go with a USB cable from the back of the T4, and into the MacBook, recording with Garageband, or similar.

I've also read that it's better to go with another cable, (not sure which one.... Firewire?) and in to the USB port on the MB.

Can anyone advise on the proper way to do this? I don't mind buying a cable, but I don't want to get a wrong one.

In the meantime, a belated Happy New Year...... another year gone by, and we're all getting better (lol).

Best regards to all,