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Drum Fills with Style Creator
« on: January 14, 2018, 07:35:17 AM »
Hi Everyone,

I've created some 8 Bar style patterns with a "Tom Fill" in bar 8.   I was quite pleased with my efforts,  that was until I started using it with a song.

The problem is after playing a 4 Bar intro. to the song,  the Tom Fill comes in the 4th. Bar after the start of the song.  (Bar 8, liked I programmed)

I need to have these fills play in Bar 8.    Creating 12Bar patterns is not going to work either.

As I have created different patterns for Main Variations  "A"  &  "B" , I was thinking that the way around it would be to create my "1 Bar Tom Fill"  in either Main Variation  "C"  or  "D",   even though this would require more button pushing from me.

My styles are not locked into individual tunes, as this gives me more freedom when playing.

I would appreciate your comments & any other suggestions you may have regarding what I'm trying to do.



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Re: Drum Fills with Style Creator
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2018, 10:22:24 AM »
Hi Alan,

I'm not quite understand what you want to achieve.
Do you want the Tom fill to play in the Intro or in the Mains?
Are you using both drum channels (RHY1 and RHY2) for your style pattern?
Does the Tom fill in contain any other drumparts than the Toms in bar 8?
What drumchannel have you used for the Tom fill?

First of all you can't have a Tom fill in played in bar 8, when your Intro is just 4 bar long.
Next you need to change the Intro to 8 bar , so the Tom fill in can play in bar 8.

You can edit this very easy, if your Tom fill in pattern have his own Drum channel (RHY1).

1. Go to the Style Creator in your keyboard and select the style part ENDING 1 press the EXIT button and change pattern length to 8 bar and press EXECUTE to the left.

2. Now go to REC CHANNEL by pressing the F button.
3. Go to the ASSEMBLY Section by pressing the TAB button to right one step.

For example If you have your Tom Fill in RHY1 and INTRO 1 press the A button to highlight the Rhy 1.
Then navigate to INTRO 1 with 1-8 buttons below, to copy the pattern from INTRO 1.

4. Now back to BASIC section and listen to be sure you have copy the pattern.
5. Save it by pressing the J button to the right and press OK.
6. Press EXIT, and go back to STYLE CREATOR and ENDING 1
7. Now to the CHANNEL section by pressing the Tab button 3 steps
8. Go to BAR COPY by pressing the B button
9. Down below you see SOURCE with.... TOP  LAST  DEST
10. Change the TOP to 7 and the LAST to 8, and press EXECUTE
11. Go back to BASIC, and now you can hear the TOM fill in from bar 1.
12. Save it once again, EXIT and go back to STYLE CREATOR

13. Go to your INTRO and make sure it's 8 bar long.
14. Now go back to ASSEMBLY to highlight the RHY1, and navigate to ENDING 1 where you have your TOM fill.
15. Go to CHANNEL and go to BAR CLEAR with the B button.

16. Go to SOURCE below and change the TOP to 7 and LAST to 8, and press EXECUTE.
If you have done everything correct you should now have your Tom fill in bar 8.
Save the stylefile.

Or you could send me the style file and i will change it to you :)

Have a nice Sunday.

Regards, Jan.

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Re: Drum Fills with Style Creator
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2018, 03:53:07 PM »
If you have chosen 8 bars pattern length(and not 4 by mistake as Jan said)
and you want something to be recorded in bar 8,
press rec and then press start (NOT synch start).
Let the keyboard play and count for 7 bars without doing anything.
When 8th bar comes in,then play your fill in.
You may have played the fill in by mistake in 4th bar instead of 8th.
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Re: Drum Fills with Style Creator
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2018, 05:04:57 PM »
Hi Alan, from what I understand you are saying you are using your 8 bar pattern from the moment you start playing the 4 bar intro to your tune so therefore the tom fill occurs at bar 4 of the tune?

A logical way round this would be if you create a 4 bar pattern in intro 1/2 or3 which is the same or similar to the first 4 bars of your 8 bar pattern and you could use that for the playing your intro then switch to variation A when you get to the beginning of your tune and your tom fill will then occur in bar 8 of your tune. As long as you keep playing in 8 bar sections the fill will always occur in the correct place.

Alternatively you could copy the whole of variation B to Variation C, then copy variation A to variation B. You will now have ended up with variation A and variation B completely the same. You could then delete the last 4 bars of A and use it for the intro.


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Re: Drum Fills with Style Creator
« Reply #4 on: January 15, 2018, 11:02:19 AM »
Hi to you all,

I may have misled you with what I posted.
However,  my problem is solved.

xxxx    When I was playing a 4 Bar freehand introduction (Not using INTRO 1,  2,  3), my Tom Fill was coming in Bar 4 (4 Bar freehand intro + 4 Bars from start of tune )

xxxx    However,  when I played a 4 Bar introduction using " INTRO 1", the Tom Fill plays in the correct place ( Bar 8 starting from the beginning of the tune )
          I  usually use a 4 Bar introduction  for my tunes by creating one in " INTRO 1".
          I must have had a seniors moment at the time,  but after thinking about it, tried it with the"INTRO" 1 & bingo !, it worked.

PAM,        We both seem to think alike. Noted your options & Thankyou.

PANOS,   Thankyou for your input.

JAN,        Thankyou for your very detailed description.   I have created an 8 Bar drum pattern utilising RHY1 & RHY 2.   Bar 8 consists of  the same pattern as in the  other Bars,  to which I have created the TOM FILL.   Looking forward to a re- read of your description.