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Hi, I have the Tyros 5 (76) now about 2 weeks. As I didn't keyboarding the last 7/8 years and didn't had before a Yamaha, there was a great gap getting to know the Tyros (5). But for me it is a part of the joy. For a great part this forum (and much appreciate their helpful members!!) is a great 'wiki'. There is also a huge amount of knowledge and instructive (video's) in the cloud as the Yamaha's are popular keyboards. That is sure a benefit for newbies like me.
I'm very satisfied that I bought this keyboard. Personally I love the sound and quality of the (preset) styles and voices. For my ears I eq-ed the output a little to get a better balance and bite in the drums for a personal taste. This is an example of the flexibility of the T5. I have invested reasonable time in learning all about the keyboard. Momentarily I focus on functions like: the freeze-function concerning the Registration (which is a complex item to get between the ears!, but very important), the ensemble-function and the file-organisation. I didn't payed attention (yet!) to the style-creator-function. The OTS and Musicfinder function, mmm.... sometimes handy but mostly not 'fitting' (for me). The next 'step' will be to connect the T5 to my Daw etc. etc. I'm not in a hurry, so once ...
So, thanks for reading. I go on with tweaking and twirling on my machine and hopefully there is some time rest for playing ( ;)).

Do you still remember what were the most difficult items to master (or still are?) your (new) keyboard?

Regards Ton
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Hi Ton,

Yes I do, for me that is finding the time to actually play on it Ton :D
For some reason though I like the exploring/discovering/experimenting the most. Nice to hear you are enjoying your investment. Happy exploring :)



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Hi Ton

I know the feeling, going from a s950 to a Tyros 5 is a big jump, with the help I have received to date from this site has speeded up the learning process.
My enjoyment comes from playing the keyboard, having said that I have got distracted as to the other parts of the keyboard and I want to know how everything works. I love mixing different sounds together to create one beautiful sound. At the moment I am hooked on the choir section. I have still kept my S950 as I play in residential homes.
Like you i am pleased that I purchased a Tyros 5, I know I have a lot more to learn, but thats the fun of purchasing a keyboard like the Tyros.

Enjoy playing the keyboard over Christmas, my Gran children will be taking my time up.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.
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Thanks for your kind reactions.
@Peter: Yes, I surely have noticed your respected contributions to the community. I can imagine that doing those things have consequences for just 'playing'-time. It's no problem as long as it's your choice and the pleasure doing this gives you energy.
@ Sooty8: finally it is my goal too to play the keys, that's why I started keyboarding again. But like you, I'm eager to learn how things work, and that is not a punishment with this one.

I guess there are people which doesn't like the tweaking and just play the keyboard 'out of the box'. That's good and the T5 offers that. I like the tweaking too, and that offers it as well.

Happy Holidays to you and yours,
My best regards,
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