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Una Corda effect?
« on: December 22, 2017, 01:39:38 PM »

It's not often that  I encounter a piano music piece (at least for me) that tells me to use the una corda pedal but this beautiful composition by Ludivico Einaudi called I Giorni needs it in the first half of the piece. It is of course playable without one but I was wondering if the T5 has an una corda effect that can be used on a switch pedal for example. And I wonder if any of the csp's  or cvp's as real piano's have it? Couldn't find it but perhaps missed it or it is there under a different name?


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Re: Una Corda effect?
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Hi Peter

Found this on Wikipedia

The soft pedal (or una corda pedal) is one of the standard pedals on a piano, generally placed leftmost among the pedals. On a grand piano this pedal shifts the whole action including the keyboard slightly to the right, so that hammers which normally strike all three of the strings for a note strike only two of them. This softens the note and also modifies its tone quality. Tone quality is also affected by forcing the remaining two strings being struck to make contact with a part of the hammer felt which is not often hit (due to the whole action being shifted); this results in a duller sound, as opposed to the bright sound which is usually produced (due to the felt being hardened from regular use).

Digital pianos often additionally use this pedal to modify non-piano sounds such as the organ, guitar, or harmonica in ways appropriate to those instruments' playing techniques. Pitch bends, Leslie speaker speed, vibrato, and so forth can thus be controlled in real-time. The pedal is still sometimes called the soft pedal because of its position, but it may have another name like modulation pedal.

Maybe you could use the modulation control to simulate the sound you require .

Just a thought

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Re: Una Corda effect?
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Hi Alan,

Wonderful! Thank you very much. No need for the modulation since I have 2 pedals left to put this function on. There is a "Soft" function on the T5 that can be assigned to either one of them. Didn;t know the soft option was the alternate name :)

I'm off, to experiment :D

kind regards,