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Older Keyboard Styles on Genos
« on: December 23, 2017, 03:55:25 AM »

I've had my Genos a few weeks now and am even more impressed with it now more than before. After exploring all the onboard styles I am currently going thru my older modified styles.  I can't believe how good they sound on Genos without further tweaking. Whatever Yamaha has done with Genos's sound engine is wonderful.  These styles sound great.........better than expected.  I'm sure they might even be better if I use some exclusive Genos voices in the style backing track and/or OTS settings. I attached a style I tweaked from a past gig disk when I had a Tyros 3.  I think it sounds great as-is.  I put a challenge out to new Genos owners............ Tweak this style to sound better and repost it.  -charley
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