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Hi friends,
I am new  to this forum. First I want to thank administrator and all other concern persons for allowing me to join to this forum.

I at present play Roland Gw8 but planning to shift to Yamaha because there are some deficiencies in Roland keyboard.But the problems I have mentioned below also exit in Yamaha keyboard also.

Q1.While I play chords by left hand in auto accompaniment, Chords are played from C-G# in a particular octave but from A to B it plays one octave lower than the previous. Suppose C to G# chords are played in C2 octave. But as soon as you play A /Bb /B, it plays the chord in C1 octave. Can you kindly suggest any solution?

Q2. All Keyboards produce root position chord whatever inversion you play. I am looking such a keyboard which can produce inverted chord also. Can you suggest any keyboard so that I can try that?

Regards and thanks for reading my question and giving suggestions.


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Re: chords' octave played in auto accompaniment/inversion/style composer
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Q1 - Every style file contains settings with rules for when to make that jump between octaves (in the section officially called CASM); it's a bit of a dark art to set these up when creating a new style. You could try going into style creator and changing the setup for the PAD channel on a style and see what happens.

Q2 - As far as I know, you can't change this on any Yamaha board. You can use 'fingered on bass' to control the bass note, but not the chord inversion itself. The exception is using the 'guitar' note rule, which generates chords that are apparently more natural sounding for guitar voices. Having said that, if you have the L voice activated, you can play any inversion you want with your left hand. The style parts will play the chord based on the root position, but the L voice will sound the notes you pressed on top of it. You can switch off the PAD part of the style if it becomes too muddy.

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Re: chords' octave played in auto accompaniment/inversion/style composer
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Dear friends thank you very much for your reply... I will try it...