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« on: December 14, 2017, 03:25:42 PM »
Hi l have a new psr s970 and at the to same time l bought a Taylor Baby with  piezo pickup built in.  now the problem l have is no matter what l do every time l try to get the guitar to connect to the s970 I get a sound like an ear loop, l have tried different plugs even tried it in a different home.  the gain is low and the switch on the rear of the par s970 is set to Guitar.  does anyone have any ideas how to get a good sound out of the keyboard   Oh when l turn the guitar on for the tuner the sound on the keyboard goes off

ready to pull what little hair l have out lol
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Jeff Hollande

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Re: Problem
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Congrats, Allan ! 💐

The Taylor is a very nice, pro guitar !

If I were you I should never connect this nice instrument with a keyboard arranger. Do not expect miracles of a very simple keyboard audio input.😰 The pickup of your guitar is more or less a mic.

Use your mixer or your audio interface instead.

Have fun, Jeff
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Re: Problem
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Most pickups are coils, and not audio type. However, some are. The way to check this is to try talking into the pickup and see if your voice comes out of the keyboard speakers. If it does, you will get feedback. If not, then, you have another problem that I have never encountered.

Oh, also be sure the switch on the back of the keyboard is set to line.

Good luck,

Gary 8)
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Re: Problem
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If you're standing in front of the keyboard with the guitar it will likely be susceptible to feedback. Try it at some distance between the keyboard and where you play the guitar. Also playing with the S970 EQ you may be able to 'notch' out the resonating feedback frequency with some luck. I was going to try this with my Takamine electro/acoustic through my PSR-S900, but found the S900 only had MIC/LINE inputs.

A nice little budget acoustic amp for that Taylor....  . I use one of these with my electro/acoustics and it's a good clean amp with decent volume.
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Re: Problem
« Reply #4 on: December 15, 2017, 04:57:48 PM »
thanks to everyone l have sorted it l used a di box and it works fine

best regards