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Looking for a Genos owner that is willing to....
« on: December 04, 2017, 10:38:02 AM »
Hi lucky people :)

I was wondering if there is someone that is willing to tell me what kind of sound the loop element is? They reside in the Genos Schlager drumkit. A fair warning upfront: I will use this information to try and make them sound better after conversion for my Tyros 5.
Most sounds I can replace with suitable T5 counterparts since they have understandable names which makes the converted endresult  in most cases nice enough (not the same of course) to use on my Tyros and from what I hear also on other keyboards. The loop elements however are a puzzle so far. Are they arpeggio's, hi-hats or?

These are the midi notes in question. If you go to style creator while a style is loaded that has the Schlager kit (VolksDance for example) and tab to the event tab. Filter on notes and you should be able to audition these notes. Not sure if they all belong to the same sound group like the cymbals group or hi-hats group et cetera.

C#-1    - Loop Element 1a SC
D-1    - Loop Element 1b SC
D#-1  - Loop Element 1c SC
E-1     - Loop Element 1d SC
F-1     - Loop Element 1e SC
F#-1   - Loop Element 1f SC
G-1     - Loop Element 1g SC
G#-1   - Loop Element 1h SC
A-1      - Loop Element 1i SC
A#-1    - Loop Element 1f SC

Thanks in advance for any help offered....