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looking for a style
« on: May 14, 2022, 11:50:01 AM »
I'm looking for a ballad style.
I recorded a small sample of drums mp3 and also in "style creator".
Well thank you.
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Re: looking for a style
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There are almost 60K styles available on this site. Given a drum track and a small part of the style it is a horrendous task to try to match it. The drums are somewhat similar to the "power ballad" style. But unless you can provide some more information like why these tracks or this style etc it is a pretty difficult task.
A better way to approach to this would be to tell us what song you want to find a style for and I am sure someone will come up with an answer.
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Re: looking for a style
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Most 6/8 ballads will give you this type of beat.

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Re: looking for a style
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Most 6/8 ballads will give you this type of beat.

Rock Ballad 6/8 he is good
Not in Genos  :(
PSR-SX900 has this style :)
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Re: looking for a style
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The simple way to find a style yourself is to set your keyboard up to hold style tempo. To do this go to style setting, then select Change Behaviour, then select tempo - then hold. Now you can change style while playing and the new style you select will be in the same tempo, rather than the style default tempo.
Then select a style you think might work and tap in the tempo you think you will use. Hum the tune in your head while playing a chord and you should be able to hear if it might work in a couple of seconds. Then without stopping the style, select another possible style. Repeat scrolling through styles till you get one you like. Typically you will narrow it down to a few and can compare.
This method lets you scroll through a lot of possible styles in a minute or two. It should be obvious immediately when it just doesnít work, so you quickly move on. Try it, itís amazingly easy. Experience will allow you to select the more obvious candidates so you are not trying hundreds of styles, and at the same time you will gather confidence that your selections work.
Always remember there is no one perfect style for a song, it depends on how you want to play that song. Donít be intimidated, just try stuff and you will get better at it.
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