Author Topic: How to change wav. percussion loops into Yamaha ppi (expansion pack format)  (Read 4395 times)

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How we can make our own expansion pack for PSR s770 by changing a wav. percussion loop
into Yamaha expansion pack ppi. format to use with s770 pads? In the following video link
that guy made his own percussion expansion pack to use with pads:

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Hi dkali1,

this is possible by using so-called "REX" files (.rx2) that can be made in a software program like "ReCycle":


This software "slices" the Audio material. When a REX file is imported into YEM, one Custom Normal Voice file, one Custom Drum Voice file, two Style files and two  Multi Pad files are generated automatically. By using that (MIDI) Style/Multi Pad files, the original Audio Loop can be played back in a wide Tempo range.

For Details please see also here:


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply