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Genos plus pa speakers Home studio environment
« on: November 12, 2017, 05:16:21 AM »

I have a Genos on order and after hearing the DXR speakers at a demo, I came to the conclusion that is the type of sound I want at home In my 10ft by 10ft room.
The genos speaker system really is not fantastic at all.
So I am recommended for pleasureable listening at home the DXR 8s ( Cut down version of what is played at demos without sub) and they have a very high wattage output amps or lower if that is RMS.
My thinking is even if that sounds like overkill after reading the spec , does the high power amps give more detail at much lower volumes  at room listening level.
These powered speakers have an excellent sound rating.
I do have a smaller set of monitors which I would use for mixing , but I want a great quality sound for general fun.
They are a 1000 a pair, so could I do better than that at lower cost or stick with what I have been recommended by the Genos tipsters.
I could go for HS8 or Focal Alphas or Adam Audio but they are flat response monitors and I have got a pair.
I like to make or hear music like hi-fi at a good quality as It would give you that  great sparkly feeling inside.
I do think you get what you pay for but It is a mind twister and I do not want to get It wrong at that price.

If you purchase and did not like them would you be  covered by a 30day return policy or is that just for faulty goods / Or can you say not suitable for you---A grey area there.
You can never hear speakers properly at shops as they are not your room  and you can get a false impression

What is your thoughts on that would be appreciated
All the best
John :)

What I am after is that  warm hi-fi sound at top quality                    IMAX in a Shoebox!!
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