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Posting Guidelines
« on: October 28, 2017, 09:10:17 PM »
The last time I posted guidelines for posting was 2017.  It is time (November, 2019) to review those guidelines and provide an update.  I hope members will review the document so everyone is aware of the standards moderators are trying to maintain.


This forum is devoted to music news and issues relating to Yamaha Arranger keyboards (Genos/Tyros, PSR-SX, PSR-S, PSR-E, PSR). It is intended for owners (or potential owners) of these keyboard and is dedicated to helping owners understand how their keyboards work and how to get the most out of their Yamaha keyboards. Information or questions relating to other keyboards are permitted if they are of reasonable interest to this forum’s members, are done in moderation and do not either heavily promote other brands or infer that Yamaha keyboards are a poor choice.

Posting Content

Postings related to completely off topic issues, such as politics, religion or culture, do not belong in the PSR Tutorial Forum. Be aware that this forum has participation from people who have a wide range of nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and religious affiliations and members should avoid anything that could be offensive in that context.

Members must be polite and courteous at all times. Posts that contain rude or foul language, are argumentative, or criticize others are not permitted and may be edited or deleted by the moderators. Repeated or flagrant abuses of forum guidelines can result in membership termination.

When responding to a posting, please stay on the subject of the thread.  If you would like to introduce a new subject, you are free to do so, but add your new topic in whatever category/board seems most appropriate.  This makes it much easier to find relevant information later.  Moderators may move topics that are not posted in the appropriate board.

Members may use the “Classified Ads” board to post messages about music-related items they have to sell.  While anyone may refer to particular vendors in their messages, commercial advertising, solicitation, or links are not permitted and will be removed by the moderators.

Like & Say Thanks

If you particularly like the content of a post, it is courteous to express your appreciation by replying to the post.  Sometimes, however, you may like a post but don't have the time or feel the need to add a lot of words in response. You can still  indicate your approval by simply pressing the Like button. This adds your name to the list of people who “liked” that post.  (Pressing the Like button a second time will remove your name from the list.)  Note: you will not see a Like button on your own posts, but others will.

If a member offers a link or attachment to something you appreciate or find useful, do feel free to express your appreciation in a reply to that post.  If you are uncomfortable posting messages or are time constrained, you can easily use the “Say Thanks” button at the top of the message.  A list of all the members who have thanked the poster for that message are shown at the bottom of the message.

These two features allow members to express their appreciation and approval without necessarily having to create a chain of short posts that merely say 'thank you' and responses of ‘thank you for the thank you’.


You do not have to be a member of the forum to view many of the messages.  As a visitor (or "Guest"), You see all the boards in 5 categories.  If you ARE a member, but do not log in, you see only what visitors see.  You do not see the 30 boards under PSR/Tyros Features, Essential Extras, and Music Performances.  In addition, as a visitor, you do not see attachments, so you can not download files.  Therefore, I encourage members to log in to the forum.  You can opt to stay logged in forever. That means every time you visit the forum, you will already be logged in. If you clear out all your "cookies", you may have to log in again.

If you are a brand new member whose application has just been approved, you should log in within a week or two to assure moderators that the approval got to you and you have been able to log in.

Hello Everyone

In this "PSR Tutorial Forum" category, there is a board called "Hello Everyone."  This is a place where you can introduce yourself to other members.  There is no requirement to do this, but it is always interesting for members to learn a little about other members who may be replying or posting.  So, even if you have been a "Reader" for years, it is never too late to drop in and introduce yourself!

Members should also remember to take a look at their Profile. You can add additional information about yourself there.  Use the location field to indicate your city and/or country.  You can set up a "signature" that shows the keyboard(s) you have.  If you have your own website, you can put the URL in your profile. You can also provide a small picture that will display along with your UserID when you post. If you fill in your birthday, it will be mentioned every year in the forum calendar.

Sharing Material

Beginning January 1, 2020, members who wish to share material such as midi files, music sheets, style files, etc. with other members should upload that material to their personal online storage account and then share the link to this material in a forum topic or reply.  Members have been sharing MP3s with this method for several years.  Members should not upload files, in topics or replies, as attachments, which would be stored on the forum server.  Exception to this rule would be photos or text files, which are beneficial for visual instruction.

There are many online storage services available, some of which are free.  A few examples of online storage services are as follows: Microsoft OneDrive,, Google Drive, etc.


In some cases the use of attachments may be an appropriate way of sharing files and information. There is a limit on the size of attachments. For any single attachment, the maximum file size allowed is 7 MB. Up to 3 attachments, totaling less than 21 MB, can be added to a single post.

There is also a constraint on the kind of files allowed as attachments enforced by monitoring the files extension (file type). Allowable attachments include:
 - text files (txt, doc, docx, pdf, rtf),
 - picture files (jpg, jpeg, gif, mpg, png),
 - music files (mid, kar, wav, mp3),
 - Yamaha files (sty, prs, set, fps, vce, rgt, mfd, pad), and
 - Other (zip, xls, xlsx, mcsz, mxl, m2s).

Sharing Styles

With regard to posting styles, only small numbers of styles should be included as attachments in posted messages (guideline is 1 to 3). Styles are often attached when responding to a request for a style to go along with a particular song.  You can post a link to one or more styles you are sharing from your own server.

You may not include copyrighted material in any attachments or forum links. If you purchased, for example, style or midi files from somewhere, you can not distribute them freely by providing them as an attachment or a link in your message.  If you have material that would be inappropriate to include as an attachment or link, it is also inappropriate to post a message offering to e-mail the material to anyone who wants it.  Similarly, do not post a message requesting commercial material.

If you have original material you would like to share with other Yamaha owners, for example, your own set of "tuned" styles, feel free to send it to Joe Waters ( Your material can be posted under your name on the main PSR Tutorial web site where it will be available for anyone to download.

Sharing Music

Members often appreciate hearing music created by other members on their Yamaha keyboards. A variety of internet sites are available that allow users to freely upload their files and share them with the world.  Forum members who wish to share their songs via MP3 files, which tend to be very large, are encouraged to use these external resources to upload and store their files. They can then provide a link to their music (either as MP3s or YouTube videos) in the “Songs played by forum members” board under the Music Performances category.  Note that if you are sharing an MP3, it is expected that you are the person who created the MP3 and that you did it on one of the Yamaha arranger keyboards supported by this forum. 

Users who wish to comment on member posted or linked songs are encouraged to do so via E-mail; the Performance boards are not meant to provide group discussions on playing ability or posts that negatively critique the performance. If you like a particular performance, you can simply click on the “Like” button.  The performer can easily see all the members that liked his/her performance.  However, if you would like to add some positive comments on a performance, feel free to add them as replies to the message thread.  The original poster can use the “Say Thanks” button to both indicate that your comments have been seen and that they are appreciated. The forum has members who play their keyboards professionally and are very talented. We also have many talented home players, many of them seniors having a great time making music, in spite of tired muscles, arthritic pains, even missing fingers or other ailments. 
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Re: Posting Guidelines
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Hi Joe:    I know how to upload a file to Box Net but how do I get the file posted on the PSR Forum?    Thank you.  Reg

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Re: Posting Guidelines
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Hi Reg,

Just copy the link and paste the link into your new topic or reply in other topics.

I assume you're trying to post an MP3 or WAV file in the Songs Played by Forum Members board.  :)
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