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Forum Categories and Boards
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The PSR Tutorial web site is available to help owners of Yamaha PSR and Tyros arranger keyboards get the most out of their instrument by providing information, resources, and support over the entire span of ownership.  This includes learning the basics of how the keyboard operates, obtaining or creating resources files (style, multi pad, voice, and midi files; registration banks; music finder databases), creating midi and MP3 files, even providing tips and hints for aspiring performers.

The PSR Tutorial Forum, is a major component of the web site, and is the place where owners -- or potential owners -- of Yamaha PSR, Tyros, Genos (or even CVP and DGX) keyboards can meet to exchange music-related news, ideas, and information.  This is where you come when you need help resolving music issues or problems that you encounter that may not be covered in the pages of the main site.  Forum moderators and members all work together in a friendly and helpful environment to assist new (and experienced!) players in whatever way they can. It is a cooperative effort and everyone is invited to join the fun and participate regardless of their experience or time with the forum.

Discussion Topics in the forum are started by launching a new subject (topic) in one of the forum “Boards”.  Forum members may reply to any topic and all the topic replies become part of a “thread” defined by the initial subject posting. 

The various Boards in the forum are organized into nine Categories as described below.  Note that clicking on the Category title banner will display (or hide) the individual boards in that category.

   o  The PSR Tutorial Forum – Includes boards covering information about this forum and how to use it.  It includes five boards:

  -- Introduction and Guidelines,
  -- PSR Tutorial News (for announcements related to forum or web site),
  -- Forum Comments and Suggestions (all suggestions welcomed),
  -- Forum How To… (for problems encountered in using the forum),
  -- Hello Everyone! (where new members can introduce themselves).

     o  Yamaha Keyboards are covered generally in this category.  Genos, Tyros, and PSR models have their own categories below.  There are four boards in this general category:

  -- Yamaha Keyboards - General (for information on Yamaha arranger keyboards)
  -- Next Yamaha Keyboard (for rumors, speculation, or wish-lists for the next generation keyboard - being phased out)
  -- Clavinova CVP Digital Pianos
  -- DGX Portable Grand Pianos (DGX 620,630,640,650,660)

 o  Genos the successor top-of-the-line keyboard to the Tyros series.  The interface to the Genos is substantially different from the earlier Tyros and PSR models.  There are 10 boards in this category:

  -- Genos - General
  -- Genos Demos
  -- Genos Touch Screen & Live Controls
  -- Genos Voices & Revo Drums
  -- Genos Styles/OTS/Multi Pads
  -- Genos Registrations & Playlists
  -- Genos Recording & Song Player
  -- Genos Speakers / Foot Pedals
  -- Genos YEM & Expansion Packs
  -- Genos and iPad & Songbook+

  o  Tyros Keyboards were the Yamaha top-of-the-line arranger keyboard for many years. There are 5 boards here, one for each of the models. The style file format (SFF) version used in each model is indicated by the SFF1 and SFF2 designations.  SFF2 keyboards can read all style formats.  SFF1 models can not read SFF2 styles.

  -- Tyros 5 (SFF2)
  -- Tyros 4 (SFF2)
  -- Tyros 3 (SFF2)
  -- Tyros 2 (SFF1)
  -- Tyros 1 (SFF1)

  o PSR Keyboards are the mid-level Yamaha arranger keyboards.  Starting with the PSR-2000 (and it's junior partner the PSR-1000), the operating system was dramatically changed from earlier models.  That system has been continued in the subsequent PSR (and Tyros) models. There are separate boards for each of these models.

  -- PSR E-Series (Yamaha keyboards in the introductory Educational Suite)
  -- PSR-S970/S770/S670 (SFF2)
  -- PSR-S950/S750/S650 (SFF2)
  -- PSR-S910/S710 (SFF2)
  -- PSR-S900/S700 (SFF1)
  -- PSR-3000/1500 (SFF1)
  -- PSR-2100/1100 (SFF1)
  -- PSR-2000/1000 (SFF1)
  -- Earlier Models like PSR-9000/PSR-740

   o  Understanding PSR/Tyros Features – Since all of the Yamaha arranger models from the introduction of the PSR-2000 to the Tyros 5 use the same basic operating system, they have essentially the same features.  Look in the boards in this category to find help for particular features found in all of these arranger keyboards.  (Available to registered members only.)

  -- Secrets You Won't Find in the Manual
  -- Voice and Style Expansion Packs
  -- Graphics Equalizer (for questions on EQ settings)
  -- Styles/OTS
  -- Multipads
  -- Registration
  -- Music Finder
  -- Voices
  -- Vocal Harmony
  -- Recording Songs
  -- MIDI files and setup
  -- Other features

   o  Essential Extras – You may need help with more than just your keyboard.  Boards here are devoted to other essential extras such as hardware and  software.  You also find tips for aspiring performers, suggestions on how to organize your file system, suggestions on where to find sheet music, manuals, or other useful resources on the internet. (Available to registered members only.)

  -- Speakers and Headphones
  -- Tablets: IPad, IPhone, Music Pad Pro, etc
  -- Microphones
  -- File Storage (USB & hard drive, floppy disk)
  -- Other Accessory hardware (benches, keyboard stands, pedals, amps)
  -- M Bedesem Utilities (MIDI Player, MusicFinderView, etc)
  -- Sequencers (Sonar, Cakewalk, Cubase, etc)
  -- Other Accessory Software
  -- Sheet Music, Fake Books, etc
  -- Organizing Files
  -- Gigging Questions and Stories
  -- Keyboard Problems and Repairs
  -- Other Internet Resources
  -- Misc Announcements or Just For Fun
  -- Items for Sale (Classified Ads)

   o  Music Performances – Forum members who want to share their songs can do so in the "Songs Played by Forum Members" board. Videos and MP3s are now common on the web and the “Music Videos and MP3s” board is where you’ll find links to relevant videos or MP3s. (Available to registered members only.)

  -- Songs Played by Forum Members
  -- Christmas 2017 (songs for the PSR Tutorial 2017 Christmas Jukebox)
  -- Music Videos and MP3s on the Internet

   o  Charter Members – Includes six boards restricted to “Supporting” or “Charter” member of the PSR Tutorial forum and one board for moderators only.

Forum VISITORS may read the messages in the first 5 category boards but they will not have access to any message attachments.

Forum MEMBERS may read messages, respond to a message, start new topics, and download any attachments.  You must first register to become a forum member.  Registration is free and easy, but it does require a valid e-mail address (which you need not make public) and your consent to the Registration Agreement.  Moderators check each application for valid email addresses and to make sure the applicant is not listed in spammers databases. You will receive an email after your application is approved. This process helps keep out spammers and other unwanted visitors.

Enjoy the PSR Tutorial Forum!

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Re: Forum Categories and Boards
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Thanks for sharing the detailed information of categories and boards.

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Re: Forum Categories and Boards
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You listet 4 cat (Yamaha Keyboards) but i dont see DGX  and all. Wher it is?  :( Im very interesting of it - thanks.

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Re: Forum Categories and Boards
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You listet 4 cat (Yamaha Keyboards) but i dont see DGX  and all. Wher it is?  :( Im very interesting of it - thanks.

The DGX Portable Grand Pianos (DGX 620,630,640,650,660) are listed in the "Yamaha Keyboards" category, as shown by Joe Waters above.
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Re: Forum Categories and Boards
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Shouldn’t there be a new category for Genos 2?
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Re: Forum Categories and Boards
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Shouldn’t there be a new category for Genos 2?

We don't create new keyboard boards until a product is officially released and identified.
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