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DSP in s950
« on: October 12, 2017, 05:57:34 AM »
When edit voice, on the page i see on Top - Reverb , Middle - Chorus and bottom DSP. I am bit confused here , say if i pick HALL 3 effect on Reverb and apply desired level. With this say if if i select TLD in DSP ,is it correct say that DSP is applied on REVERB & CHORUS i selected.
If i disable DSP button on keyboard, still there will Reverb and chorus applied as per selection.
please help me clarify.

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Re: DSP in s950
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 06:39:23 AM »
A voice can go through any or all of 3 effect blocks - chorus, reverb, DSP.

Chorus and Reverb are system level effects. You get to select the chorus type and reverb type. The type selection applies to *all* parts (all song parts, all style parts, all L and R vioce parts) but you can set the depth individually for each part. So this means whether you are in the voice set page for L, R1, R2 you'll see the same chorus and reverb type, but with different depths.

DPS2-4 assignments are insert effects which means that for each voice part, you can pick a specific DSP type and depth. So as you asked, this DSP is applied to the voice along with the system chorus and reverb.

The DSP panel button *only* switches the DSP assignment for the selected part on or off - it does not affect the reverb or chorus at all.

Special note : DSP1 is for the style parts. It can either be applied to all 8 parts with varying depths, or targeted at 1 part only. The DSP button on the panel can never affect DSP1.
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