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Genos news from Germany
« on: October 10, 2017, 07:33:38 AM »
Hi --

I'd like to recognize the superb work done by Heidrun Dolde. She collected questions concerning Genos from members of the European Yamaha forum and sent the questions to the Yamaha team in Rellingen. She has summarized the answers in a PDF available here:

I sent the PDF through Google Translate and exercised my old "viewgraph German" to learn more about Genos. Some highlights are summarized here:

along with a few editorial comments. I tried not to repeat information that we thoroughly churned here.

Vielen Dank, Heidrun!

-- pj
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Re: Genos news from Germany
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Excellent post. Some real useful information in the links.

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Re: Genos news from Germany
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2017, 07:50:07 AM »
As always Paul thanks for your posts. 

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one concerned with the 300kb limit. It needs to be increased to about 1MB.  Yes EDM uses not only a lot of continuous controllers for pan and filters sweeps, but the sidechain application outputs a lot of MIDI events. Then there is the arpeggiator as well.  Add  4 Multi Pads cranking out more arps and that little MIDI sequence will come screeching to a halt in a hurry.

BTW... Yamaha should do a firmware update for the S970 to increase its sequencer capacity (yea right!)


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Re: Genos news from Germany
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Excellent post, much appreciated, thanks PJD.
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Re: Genos news from Germany
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Great links with some new information. Here are some excerpts with my comments.

New voices and drum kits

There are 14 “Revo” drum kits including: Rock Drums, Pop Drums, Vintage Open, Vintage Muted, Jazz Sticks, Jazz Brushes, Vocal Beatbox. The drums are recorded with room ambience.
14 new Revo kits is really nice. Should be able to find one of each kind of kit with wave cycling. Also, nice room ambience recorded as default would sound "live" however no reason why you couldn't add the new "Real Reverb" DSPs to set whatever quality ambience you want. Definitely the new Revo drum kits is the best new outstanding feature on the Genos.

New voices include:

    Revo! Drums
    Resonator guitars (Dobro) Should be really nice guitars, because Yamaha already proved that they make great guitar voices.
    Flugelhorn and other brass sounds that Flugelhorn sounded fantastic in Martin Harris's demo. Hope it is included in the new Ensemble voices
    Pedal Steel (authentically playable because only the lower part of a chord responds to pitch bend) Not much into Pedal Steel, but I might try it now
    CP-80 (e.g., for classic Freddy Mercury and Foreigner songs) more quality piano options the better
    Many strings of a large orchestra to cello, viola, violin in a small ensemble I assume those nice Kino strings
    New piano sounds (from Montage) Good!
    Many synth sounds (from Montage) Great!

There are new OTS for all 550 styles. Not only revoiced OTS, but great new DPSs added. Copied over Tyros 5 styles will retain their original OST, but you can always upgrade those as well

Onboard sound editing is through “Voice Set”, which influences the overall sound of a voice (filter, envelope, effects, etc.) In addition, there is sound modification in live mode (“Live Control”) which are made by knobs and sliders. The OLED sub-display shows the parameter value changes in real time. Actually sounds the same as the Tyros 5 VoiceSet (only one parameter could be changed at a time on the Tyros 5), however taken to a new level by hearing and saving the dynamic changes from the "live controllers"

If you want to get into detailed voice editing, the new Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM) will provide advanced ways to change the individual components of Voices. YEM 2.5 will be released in November 2017. Information about voice editing will be available then. Really looking forward to these details

The Yamaha MFC10 foot pedal is supported by Genos. The settings are made via Menu> MIDI> External Controller. That's what we figured, because it would make no sense removing support for this great pedal

MP3 format

Genos supports MP3 audio playback with lyrics. Given an MP3 file with the appropriate embedded information, the Genos provides a karaoke function with song text and chord display. The MP3 formats are Midiland Lyrioke (DKE format, fits all Midiland players) and MP3 + G. Heidrun and folks tested CDG format. This is brand new feature. Not sure if I would use it myself, but I could see the usefulness of this (Karaoke like) feature.

Both Genos song players can display MP3 with song lyrics.

Note:Above is only excerpts I found interesting. Check out the full article for more details.

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