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please check my post i have put in some other board...,40262.0.html

[why i did this? bc no one really checks the other boards at least most (can be more explained if needed).... ]

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Re: to anyone hanging around this board:
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Actually i dont mind that there are no official boards
This palce is better then an official board could ever become

The only thing i want is a channel to communicate with Yamaha, so we can get real answers to our questions. for all the latest keyboard news and information.

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Re: to anyone hanging around this board:
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there we go! someone understands... a: my Q in the other board and b: the fact that i advertised it to this boared :)

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Joe Waters explained things pretty well.  Corporate bureaucracy would just get in the way.

I think it would be good if Yamaha Tech Support was an active participant on this forum.  With 5000 members, do we not represent a significant customer base that Yamaha would want to offer direct support to and provide us answers.  An awful lot of technical questions could get answered directly by Yamaha Support being here.  It might even reduce their daily phone and email inquiries a bit. 


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If I may add my two cents here?

If you've ever worked on a support desk, attempting to answer user queries, you might have some understanding of Yamaha's recruiting problems.
I used to work for a large mainframe computer manufacturer, that shall remain nameless, at one time my role was a customer services rep.
(Normally I went, on a regular basis, to visit customers on site to solve problems.)
Once in a while we were required to man the "support desk" for a week. I used to try to arrange to be ill that week!
Why not have them manned by permanent staff?

The problem is it's a real non-job job.
You only ever get complaints, often voiced in very rude language.
You have to cover such a wide range of products that you never get to know a lot about any of them.
(Imagine trying to be an expert on the whole of the PSR and Tyros range.)
You very rarely get your hands on the equipment you're interested in, after a while it gets you down.
It's soul destroying.

One woman I spoke to, who'd just bought a new PC from us, asked for some information.
When I pointed out that what she wanted was set down in some detail on page 3 of the manual shouted:
"I've just spent two thousand pounds on an advanced computer, I don't expect to have to read the manual!"

Much later in my career, as a contractor,  I ran regular training courses for a major telephone company.
They would lose about 20% of their support staff every year. There was constant turnover.
Same reasons, boredom, abusive language, people not RTFM, etc.

It's better for Yamaha the way it is, so long as the developers read forums such as this on a regular basis.
They can't keep recruiting staff who keep leaving.
Take a look at all the verbiage that's been written here, just on the Genos, and imagine constantly having to try to deal with that ...
day after day after day after day after day after day ... get the picture?
Remember you haven't any say on what hype is put out, but you'd have to deal with the consequences.
Would you be properly briefed about marketing decisions in advance? I'll leave you to guess the answer.
These issues aren't unique to Yamaha.

I wouldn't work on a support desk, even for a million pounds a year ...
or, only if supplied with a revolver to blow my brains out on the second day. ;-)

This is one great forum where people help each other.
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