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How to get a good electric guitar voice on DGX 660.

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Re: Guitar
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Hi Gus and welcome to the forum

Unfortunately the guitar voices are really a weak point on the DGX line and the PSR E series of keyboards.

The only thing you can do is choosing any of the guitar voices, for instance number 28 Clean Guitar, number 30 Overdriven Guitar or number 31 Distorsion Guitar and apply some DSP effect to the voice you selected.

To achieve this, push the "function" button, then the "category" button until you reach the "DSP" function. Use the + or the - key to set the value to "On". Then with the "Category" button, select tbe function labelled "DSP Type" and use the + and the - button or the dial to select the DSP type you want to apply to your guitar sound.  Their are 239 DSP types available, you will find the list on page 22 to 24 of the Data List of the DGX 660.

You will also want to adjust the amount of DSP you will apply to the guitar voice. To achieve this, push the "Function" button, then the "Category" button to select "Main DSP Level". With the + and - buttons or with the dial, you can then apply to the sound the amount of DSP you wish. The values are between 0 (no effect) and 127 (maximal effect). Try out different values, I would suggest a value between 15 and 40 to begin with, but try it out for yourself.

Try out different effects, I would suggest that you try an amp simulator or a distorsion, or the combination of both.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Guitar
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Vinciane, Thank you so much for the information, I'll give it a try and let you know how I get on.
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