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Hi All,

Is is possible to control all the function of the two live control knobs, with an external midi controller which has 8 knobs & 8 sliders i,e Axiom MIDI keyboard ( or others)

This way we dont have to go to Assign Page @ LCD Menu, each time, and will have all functionality at fingertips.
I know some MIDI CC values have to be assigned, but how? since PSR S670 only has USB HOST, not 5 Pin round DIN MIDI-IN port.

Thanks if anybody helps.
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You should be able to control some of the functions, but maybe not all of them-- it depends on what the functions are. Some functions correspond to MIDI CC events, such as the Low-Pass Filter Cutoff Frequency, Low-Pass Filter Resonance Amount, Reverb Depth, Chorus Depth, Attack Time, Release Time, and maybe others, so you can use the corresponding CC events to control those functions. But some functions might control features of the keyboard which don't have equivalent MIDI events.

What you could do is record a song using one or more functions of the Live Control knobs, then look at the song recording in a MIDI editor. If the functions of the Live Control knobs are recorded, you can see what types of MIDI messages they correspond to. Messages like CC events, RPN or NRPN events (which are types of CC events), or even XG and other SysEx events might be possible for your MIDI controller to send. But any functions which get recorded as Sequencer-Specific Meta Events will most likely not be possible to control from the MIDI controller, because Meta Event messages cannot be transmitted over a MIDI connection-- they can be used only within MIDI song files.
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Thanks a lot for your reply. Hmm, I need to do the experimet you mentioned, will have to dig deep into Midi though.  :)

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I had the same idea.

I believe the answer is as Michael states.  I have used a MIDI Monitor to look at the output from the LIVE CONTROL knobs.  Only certain parameters are output over MIDI... others are not.  And looking in the Data Formats, those parameters NOT output over MIDI aren't listed either.

I went further to Yamaha Tech Support asking for MIDI formats for the arpeggiator parameters like those found in the Motif Data List Book.  I was told there are no additional published data formats for the S970 arpeggiator parameters.

What was Yamaha thinking... they only half-way implemented real-time control possibilities.  So much more COULD be possible for the S970.  At a minimum, they should have a popup dialog box open on the screen when you use the knobs so you can see the values as you adjust the knobs. It would be a piece of cake to write the code for that.  Just sloppy programming I think.

Joe H
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