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Piano Voices for Tyros/PSR
« on: August 08, 2017, 03:45:42 AM »

I made a table describing some piano voices that are available for the YEM platform. I loaded the voices into YEM and opened the voice editor and looked into the XML files that YEM uses internally for describing the voices. The most interesting voices are

* StudioGrand.ppf from Marcus having 6 stereo velocity layers
* CMS Disco Rhodes, a free Rhodes MK1 voice, having 5 stereo velocity layers.

The two UVN voices do not sound good after import to YEM. I am afraid, that UVN import is not perfect. They also lose size after import to YEM and export to PPF. So obviously, there is much information lost (key off samples, pedal noises, whatsoever....)

The Steinway D from Snicker has high quality, but the samples cut off after a time, so there are loops missing at the end of the samples?

Since the internal piano samples of the Tyros/PSR are not so good (see my other posting), it would be interesting to get a decent piano sample for YEM.

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Re: Piano Voices for Tyros/PSR
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Hello Voodoo!  ;)

Thank you for appreciating my Piano.
That is the Voice Piano I made almost two years ago, and I share it completely free.
I have improved a lot over the past 2 years, I made about 10 voice pianos myself, and my goal is not to use the audio loop, completely taking a sample of its natural sound. I also tried to fix the "Cut of after a time" status.
Now that my audio library is almost complete, the Voice Piano I use for Tyros 5 is 76 tunes, with each note having 8 layers from as low as Velocity 60, no loop used, each The note is 15 seconds long (I think 15 seconds is enough for most demonstrations).

Also I focused on producing drum sets. Mostly Acoustic Drum. Swimming because I love Acoustic drumming.
I used to spend money on Dynamic Audio drums, and I found it was not really that great and the price was too expensive. Further velocity they do at a high level, so when you change the drum style from the style factory can not use immediately, you have to effort to adjust the volume, velocity.

I overcome this by creating sets of velocity equal to yamaha's factory style. When you play a style factory, just Change Voice Drums is all ready.

I regret not being able to share them for free because they take a lot of my time and effort.
I intend to sell them to the forums, of course cheap so that anyone can reach them if interested.
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