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computer and keyboard life??
« on: July 26, 2017, 03:45:46 PM »

During my experience of computers ,they last about five years if you are lucky and maybe a little more for some.Hardrive or ram and power supplies seem to go Kaput and graphic cards
I was wondering whether the computer system inside the Yamaha Tyros 5 Is more rock solid with life expectancy.
A home computer is under a £1000 ,but the tyros is far more expensive.
I know that sounds and all of the things that go Into the Tyros is where the money goes ,but what about the quality of the computer component side of the keyboard??
One thing that is good and that the Tyros Is not made In China.
If you sell a keyboard on after 5 years and get a new one ,has the person who purchased your old keyboard got a deal or no deal --Just wondering  :-\

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Re: computer and keyboard life??
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2017, 04:34:21 PM »
It's been my experience with computers, John, that they can go years without the need for repair or replacing.  Conversely, I've seen computers that were lemons (bad) right out of the box.

I have over 20 computers, from my prior business, and all but 2 of them are still functioning.  Some of these computers date back to the late 1980's.

I have 2 Yamaha HS-8T organs, dating back to 1987 that have only ever needed the O-rings replaced in the foot pedals and I repaired both of them myself.  A mouse severed a wire on the main console on one of them, a few years ago, and I repaired that also.

My Tyros 4 is now about 4 years old and I've not experienced any issues with this keyboard.  :)
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Re: computer and keyboard life??
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2017, 05:29:20 PM »
In my experience, unless something is specifically designed to fail after a certain amount of time, its life expectancy will have a lot to do with the kind of environment it's used in (e.g., smoke-filled or not, humid or not, excessive heat or not, excessive cold or not, reliable electrical current or not, etc.), plus how it's treated or mistreated by the user. If you take good care of a keyboard or computer, it should last for many years. If you abuse it, it might not last a week!
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Re: computer and keyboard life??
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2017, 11:40:21 PM »
I had one of my previous keyboards (PSR-620) for over 18 years, and I sold it because I wanted a new one, not because it was broken. Computers never last very long with me, but again, not because they're broken, but because I built a new one or replaced components. In general, the most susceptible to failure, are moving parts/components, like harddrives, potentiometers, buttons etc.
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Re: computer and keyboard life??
« Reply #4 on: July 27, 2017, 12:57:27 AM »
My current PC is one I had custom built for me in 2010 - back then it would have been a bit of monster (i7@2.80GHz, 12GB DDR RAM, Nvidia 2GB GPU). Every six months or so I unplug everything and open it up to give it a good cleaning with compressed air. I take out the GPU and blow out all the crud from the fans and heatsink. I clear out all the gunk from around the internal case fans and put it all back together and off we go again. So it's 7 years old now and still going strong. Regular maintenance, showing it some love, can work wonders.

As for the Tyros, I would advise never watching a Tyros 'teardown' video on YouTube (there is a Tyros 4 one that's been up for years). You really don't want to see just how basic and frankly underwhelming the guts of your beautiful keyboard actually are. Sometimes, some things are best left unseen. Just look after your T5, keep it under dust covers when not in use and avoid placing it right next to a radiator. With any luck it will serve you well for many years to come.
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Re: computer and keyboard life??
« Reply #5 on: July 27, 2017, 02:28:06 AM »

Yes,I have seen those videos and It is surprising how little Is underneath the hood.
I also have an I7 with 12 gig ram and touch wood ,It has lasted me since 2012.
I got a little worried when I Installed the extra ram as first time It did not register.
It did register after I made sure all was sitting down properly. :-[
When you put yor hands Inside a computer stack for the fist time It is a bit daunting especially when you are attached to the casing by a wristband!!! :-\ zzzzzzzzzst :o
My computers that I have purchased for general Internet  have always gone bonk after about four years,but only paid about £400 for them.
My Asus computer is going good the moment after three years.

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Re: computer and keyboard life??
« Reply #6 on: July 27, 2017, 03:36:25 AM »
It is my experience that Yamaha keyboards last for many years. I have never had any problems with mine and they do get a lot of use as I switch on around mid day and switch of around midnight most days. I suppose you might call a keyboard a computer of sorts but is much simpler and more like the old DOS system which is well suited for it purpose. I would hate to see them running windows etc because then we would have all the problems those Wesi's did. I remember being at a large concert when the keyboard shut down and the poor player had to sit there for four minutes while it rebooted. This used to happen a lot with the one they used in the Blackpool Tower.

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Re: computer and keyboard life??
« Reply #7 on: July 27, 2017, 06:21:06 AM »
Hi --

Computer-wise, the variation in quality, reliability and lifetime is enormous. I've experienced both extremes and everything in the middle. On the bad side, I've had cheap motherboards go bad in a few years, generally due to cheap, poor quality electrolytic capacitors. On the good side, I just donated two (mostly) working Macintosh computers to the Living Computers Museum+Labs in Seattle, WA. The Mac SE is 30 years old (1987) and the Performa 6400 is 21 years old (1996). The floppy drive in the Mac SE is shot and the floppy drive in the Performa is getting flaky. CPU and memory are in great shape.

Having crawled through the insides of many synths and gizmos, Yamaha's products are generally well-made with good quality control. I can't say the same for all manufacturers, especially low-cost gizmos like rhythm machines. The Roland Jamstation JS-5 comes to mind -- a used one blew up in seconds thanks to a static discharge. You pretty much get what you pay for.

I agree with Michael. It's important to take care of one's toys. Shelter electronics from dust, shock and environmental extremes.

All the best -- pj